Description: This map depicts the global distribution of negative food interactions involving the selected category of drugs. We measure the negative interactions in permils (‰) of existing interactions out of all the possible interactions. By selecting an ATC drug category, you can see the distribution of its negative interactions with food and recipes in different parts of the world, i.e. in different cuisines.
The analysis shows two distinct global patterns: drugs from the B, C, N and V categories have more negative food - drug interactions with recipes from South Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Latin America and Africa, as opposed to other cuisines. On the other hand, drugs from the A, D, G, J, L and S categories have more intensive negative food - drug interactions with recipes from North America, Western Europe, Northern Europe and Eastern Europe, as opposed to other cuisines.
Hint #1: Hover over an area on the map to see the exact value of the interaction intensity, in permils (‰).
Hint #2: Hover over an ATC drug category button, to see the letter assigned to the category (A, B, C, ...).
More info: 'Inferring Cuisine - Drug Interactions Using the Linked Data Approach' (PDF version).
Data: The datasets used for the analysis are available on the following links: drug dataset, recipe dataset.
Developed by Milos Jovanovik, using the d3.js library.